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Et fancy young hunter for a jr, amateur or pro fancy young hunter for a jr, amateur or pro. History of the trakehner horse trakehners international. Trakehners uk is the marketing name of the trakehner breeders fraternity. Breeders, sellers, buyers, riders, trainers and friends of the trakehner horse come literally from everywhere. Mar 16, 2015 the trakehner is now considered the finest warmblooded horse in germany. The trakehner stud was founded in 1732 by frederick william i of prussia. Fail if in the case of wood is not as it should be i also make mistakes. The trakehner horse is the oldest warmblood breed in the world, with a history spanning amost 300 years to the foundation of the main stud trakehnen in 1732. It is known for its floating trot full of impulsion and.

Alexandra, who grew up in an adoptive family, always believed her real parents had died long ago in a car crash. Breed characteristics of the trakehner horse second. The head is often finely chiseled, narrow at the muzzle, with a broad forehead. Kingston park warmblood stud trakehner, holsteiner. Additional listings are extremely reasonable see pricing on add form mainly mainau. Gibble from the septemberoctober 1981 issue of trakehner hefte. Established in 1974 to preserve, develop and register the trakehner breed in canada. This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear. I had to laugh when i read that they were war horses, as he is not very brave and would probably run the other way. Its conformation has been modified by a substantial presence of thoroughbred blood in its background. The trakehners background is resonant with history, from its schweiken ancestors the preferred cavalry horse of the teutonic knights to its present name, established by the trakehnen stud, which produced a high class, all round horse exclusively for the royal household of friedrich wilhelm ii of prussia from selected members of the breed. The event consists of four straight days of nothing else but trakehner. Trakehner are noble, warmblood horses that are often used for jumping and dressage. Equinenow listing of trakehner for sale in florida.

Owing to its thoroughbred ancestry, the trakehner is of rectangular build, with a long sloping shoulder, good hindquarters, short cannons, and a mediumlong, crested and wellset neck. The trakehner possesses a strong, mediumlength back and powerful hindquarters. The predominant clinical sign may be partial or complete corneal edema. Alexandra winkler 23 lives alone in vienna and works shifts at an industrial bakery. Trakehner des konigs letzte pferde trailer hd deutsch.

Even though the trakehner was made sturdier in the early 20th century, it is still considered to be one of the lightest and most refined of the warmblood horses. Khaleesi is a great 3 ring mare, she is a proven steady local show winner in the hunter ring and can be competitive at bigger shows in the equitation and. The new trakehner variation went live on wednesday in the sso horses app. Trakehner definition of trakehner by merriamwebster. Utah is by contis out of elite mare godington uppsala by roland. New trakehner variation sso horses app star stable online. My mother said that is the only time she saw her mother weep. Please follow this link here for the complete 2014 foal auction. The official name of the trakehner is east prussian warmblood horse of trakehner origin, and while today they are known as a german breed they actually originated in east prussia in what is now known as lithuania. Breed characteristics of the trakehner horse second opinion. The lloyds bank black horse is a black trakehner stallion.

All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. In fact trakehner stallions were and are still widely used to improve and refine all the regional breeds. The trakehner is now considered the finest warmblooded horse in germany. Interesting facts one of the great legends in the history of the horse is the flight of the trakehner from east prussia to the west in 1945. War tactics had changed and now required a lighter more comfortable horse with more endurance and speed than the heavier horses previously needed to. This award was originally presented as the trakehner verband high score award to a purebred trakehner competing in combined training 1976 1980. Trakehners uk trakehner stallions standing in the uk. Khaleesi is a great 3 ring mare, she is a proven steady local show winner in the hunter ring and can be competitive at bigger shows in. These questions remains to be answered, but in application can be bypassed by careful. The tbf is the only uk body licensed by the trakehner verband to register, grade and brand purebred trakehner horses for inclusion in the main trakehner stud book.

Elf is an undisputed favourite christmas movie, but this is a definitive list of why buddy the. All horses born in trakehnen, east prussia were branded since 1787 with a single elk antler symbol fig. Stallion inspections are held in neumunster, germany, each october and approved stallions are required to complete extended performance tests, which. The trakehner horse breed, horse breeding, types and. The trakehner is a horse breed available in star stable. The trakehner, is the warmblood closet to the british ideal of the modern competition and riding horse, whose upgrading influence of bloodlines is evident in most of the continental sports breeds today. Micklem english leather diamante competition bridle w free gift at online store. In todays star stable update video, we check out the three new trakehner horses released colors a black, a dark bay, and a chestnut, the new. Dan, my trakehner has the most affectionate temperament.

Typically 16 hands with a wellbalanced, conformed body, a strong head and a thick mane and tail, the trakehner is an athletic and spirited horse with a dependable nature and a colourful history that is testimony to. Trakehner is a light warmblood breed of horse, originally developed at the east prussian state. Trakehner definition is any of a breed of large powerful saddle horses of east prussian origin that excel in dressage and jumping. Trakehner brand origin different trakehner brands a trakehner horse is basically an east prussian warmblood of trakehner origin. The history of the trakehner trakehners uk notices. Lubeck haus bookstore offers these trakehner horse books, a great edition to.

Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. See more ideas about trakehner, horses and show horses. The breeds name is derived from this worldfamous farm, and the bloodlines can be traced back to this source. Equinenow listing of trakehner dressage horses for sale.

Trakehner horse are herbivorous animals a herbivore, eats leaves, grass, hay and furns plant eaters. The trakehner horse breed, horse breeding, types and breeds. Donated by the trakehner forderverein of west germany, it is a perpetual trophy awarded annually to the most successful ata purebred trakehner in combined training. The light build of the trakehner makes it well suited to sporting capacities and places it ahead of other warmbloods in the field. The trakehner is a european warmblood horse of east prussian origin, the foundation for which was laid at the main stud farm established in trakehnen, east prussia in 1732. This page was last edited on 22 december 2018, at 03. Trakehners are athletic and trainable, with good endurance, while some are more spirited than horses of other warmblood breeds. But one day, falla stumbled into a ditch and broke her leg. A trakehner horse have a better senses of hearing or smell than humans. Over one hundred years of breeding has produced a better endurance horse by adding size, nerve and spirit to the bulk and nobility of the original trakehner. Due to selective breeding the trakehner has retained the best thoroughbred qualities while keeping its own special character and type.

Before german unification in 1871, germany was made up of a number of different states and locally organised breeding areas. The trakehner horse was developed in the early 18th century by king wilhiem i of prussia, the father of friedrich the great, seeing the need for a new type of cavalry mount for the prussian army. The first britishbred trakehner stallion to be graded for several years, his correct conformation, correct and energetic paces, brilliant jumping and exceptional temperament drew genuine enthusiasm from the judges. With the addition of english and arabian thoroughbreds the trakehner achieved the great beauty, legendary soundness as well as the wonderful floating way of going and great jumping abilities that makes the trakehner horse worldfamous. Breeds of livestock trakehner horse breeds of livestock. However, i wouldnt swap him for anything as he is a loyal friend. My great grandfathers war horses, the trakehners talking to the. The trakehner horse was developed in the early 18th century by king wilheim i of prussia, the father of friedrich the great, seeing the need for a new type of cavalry mount for the prussian army. Florishing trakehner societies affiliated with the verband and sharing its rules in most european countries, in north america, the ata or north american trakehner association, the biggest warmbloodbreed here with 140 approved stallions, purebred mares, australia and new zealand. Discover trakehner for sale on americas biggest equine marketplace. Recent sales list additions american trakehner association. The yearly highlight for the trakehner breed worldwide is the international stallion market of the german trakehner verband in neumunster.

The official name, the east prussian warmblood horse of trakehner origin hints to the roots of this magnificent breed. The persistent corneal edema must prevent normal tear film adherence. Ils sont gratuits, en entier et en hautedefinition. Over 100 trakehner and part trakehner horses for sale.

He is extremely nosey and you cant leave anything within his reach. Trakehners show more stamina than other warmbloods and have done well in the eventing world particularly when crossed with the thoroughbred. One day she learns that she has become the sole heiress of hochstetten estate, a prestigious horse farm, famous for its trakehner breed. By the end of world war ii, trakehnen was a wasteland and only a few dozen trakehner horses had made it to the west. The popularity of this breed in britain is growing at an astounding rate. One source claimed that in its physical make up the trakehner is practically identical with the english or american thoroughbred. It has been said that the trakehner has everything everybody is looking for in a performance horse and if you look at the breeds list of attributes it is easy to see why. The breeding goal as defined in the trakehner verband bylaws is, a riding and sport horse that is of trakehner type, rideable and talented for many uses. This film presents a view of the future of trakehner horse. Introduction most people in the uk will be familiar with the trakehner breed, whether they realize it or not as the big, black horse which regularly featured in adverts for a wellknown bank was a fine example of this breed. Trakehners today have won olympic medals for all disciplines dressage, eventing and showjumping as well as winning long distance riding and driving events.

Hauptgestut trakehnen was established in 1731 and operated until 1944, when the fighting of world war ii led to the annexing of east prussia by russia, and the town containing the stud renamed as yasnaya polyana. Trakehner horse this lovely looking horse has good conformation, action, stamina and speed making it an excellent competition horse. Trakehner horses ears can turn in different directions to give them better hearing. Thoughts about the influence of thoroughbred stallions and mares. The shoulders gently slope giving the limbs good extension. The trakehner, embodying the most noble german riding horse breed, is characterized primarily by trakehner breed type. Trakehner is a light warmblood breed of horse, originally developed at the east prussian state stud farm in the town of trakehnen from which the breed takes its name.

The american trakehner association website is an official publication of the american trakehner association, inc. Join millions of people using oodle to find horses for sale, horse listings, and other animals for sale. Unfortunately, her papers did not follow her when she left her breeder, so we are not sure of her pedigree and she sells. Stay positive, it is a long hard journey but worth the wait. They can reach a height of 170 cm at the withers and have many colors. But im finland swedish, which means my native language is swedish. Desirable is the highly elegant appearance of a noble, harmonious riding horse with great lines, distinguished by its expression, nobility and striking features. Back from the brink saving the kings horses terra mater factual. Pronunciation of trakehner with 1 audio pronunciation, 4 meanings, 2 translations and more for trakehner.

All eligible for registration with the american trakehner association. The percentage of genes inherited from hanoverian, holsteiner, trakehner and. Unfortunately they added two mistakes in the obstacledriving test, but still finished on a. When the breed first premiered in star stable online during the. The trakehner all facts taken from the websites cited below the trakehner is an unusual breed that folks know very little about. I knew very little except this breed is very versatile, and it has its origins in eastern prussia. By 1786, systematic breeding on a large scale was carried on in east prussia. Today the magnificent trakehner arrives to star stable. At this agricultural farm, a stock of 500 trakehner horses was only used for farm work. The neck has a gentle curve to it and the withers are well defined. Trakehners breed true to type, due to the purity of the bloodlines, making it valuable for upgrading other warmbloods. Trakehners bred in russia, south america and africa. Check out the images and the movie of the newly approved adorator. The trakehner is the most important and outstanding of all warmblood breeds, renowned for their grace, power, magnificent movement, outstanding beauty, great.

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