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Command the stars themselves with the most powerful fleets ever assembled. The two ships in high guard position are shown quite clearly in the photos. High guard was one of the best splat books ever added to a game, in my opinion. Some games, like fate spirit of the century, define a milieu. The other ships in the convoy were apparently of both military and nonmilitary origins, including freighters and passenger ships. Detailed character generation for naval characters, including the academy, and medical school, and 5 new skills. Unlike later versions of traveller megatraveller and later, armoring a ship was a yesno proposition, with no choice of materialyou simply allocated volume to armor according to a formula, applied the cost formula, and that was that. Yes, well, traveller has had a number of versions and the vehiclespaceship design sequences havent always stayed the same. Traveller srd mongoose traveller high guard system. The horus heresy is an ongoing series of science fantasy set in the fictional warhammer 40,000 setting of tabletop miniatures wargame company games workshop. Mt characters have more skills than book 1 ct characters, about on a par with the book 45 character generation systems. The table below is based on the list provided on the excellent website of stocktons haggin museum, with additional data from merchant vessels of the united states, mvus, plus a few other. A program to design ships that conform to the classic traveller book 5 ship construction sequence. Toss in the minigames of ship design and it was an instant classic.

High guard 1980 rules question when you have a weapn with a usp code higher than the target ships usp displacement code, it inflicts criticals based on the difference. Lets talk about what the shipbuilding charts in hg tell us about. The war is described as a major contributing factor to the. High guard is a 1980 roleplaying game supplement for. Traveller third imperium vs earth alliance babylon 5. Not sure about gurps traveller, but in classic traveller trillion credit squadronhigh guard rules the tons figure is actually a volume measurement. High guard in 1979, and its revision of 1980 the revision is generally referred to unofficially as high guard 2, larger ships, with a.

Gilgamesh shipyards gilgamesh shipyards produces highquality starships for any class of trader. A hightech world with contragravity and fusion power may exist just parsecs from one. In 1980, games designer workshop published high guard, the fifth traveller book. Book 5high guard, by marc miller, frank chadwick, and john harshman 1980 book 0an introduction to traveller, by gdw 1981 book 6scouts, by marc miller and frank chadwick 1983. Then i pulled out my little black book traveller book 2. This book focuses on a single vessel that is part of the traveller universe, designed to give any player or referee an in depth knowledge of the class, its history and every useful piece of information. For book 2 starships, book 5 high guard and adventure 5 trillion credit squadron this is a hobby project to create an online ship designer for the classic traveller game circa 1980s. Classic traveller character generator which supports. Ultimately, as we receive additional contributions from you, our readers, all incarnations of traveller will be supported.

Added new page in traveller 5 for character generation aids t5. Links pointing to ship design software and spreadsheets for traveller. Noel developed the travel guard product while he was working at sentry insurance. From that fantastic box cover giving us the mayday from free trader beowulf to the crisp aesthetic to the crunch. It uses information from the core book and high guard to create several different types based. High guard is a book all about the navy and the spaceships that it uses. Portions of this material may be 19772011 farfuture enterprises. This book is a substantially improved and retypeset edition of high guard, traveller book 5, which originally appeared in 1979. The fuel tank is 99 tons, providing unlimited maneuvering and a 100day range. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or. This book is a major expansion to the traveller roleplaying game, enabling you to design, build and fly spacecraft of all types found throughout. The featured ship was originally designed using one of the classic traveller ship design rules. The book 2 system the same as the system in the traveller book was very. Classic traveller stats from high guard shipyards usp.

That said, its possible, with some tweaking for scale, to use pp. Mongoose publishing has put out a series of books, each covering one category of traveller characters. The book includes yearbyyear rules for creating star navy characters, and can be used to map out the careers of characters from the star trek universes starfleet. This program was created by andrew moffattvallance. Thats quite a change, though mongoose traveller has petrochemicals being available in 1d 10 ton loads, mega traveller, as is its want, complicates things further by having three class sizes of cargo, with the. A program to design ships that conform to the classic traveller book 5 ship construction. Repairs, maintenance, and construction mongoose publishing. So the iconic tigressclass battleship has a volume of 7 million cu. Even if the disclaimer in high guard published in 1980 states that it does not supplant the material in book 2, the sad fact is subsequent publications of traveller material links the jump drive limitations to specific tech levels something that was clearly intended to supplant the material in book 2. F has at least as much to do with full thrust as it does ct high guard. Others, like call of cthulhu, are entry points to a milieu that exists outside the confines of the rule book traveller is old enough and influential enough to do both sure, traveller started off as an emulation of mid20th century gritty space opera such as dumarest and we really do need a name for that genre but as the. Seeker scout, ley variant by sabakakrazny on deviantart. Soon, john purchased the rights to travel guard and by 1985 travel guard was operating out of the basement of its founders home.

As marc miller has stated that the idea was to create a roman empire feel, this image of the imperium gave you the idea that games would be played in the. Classic traveller, vehicle design in striker, two spaceship design systems book 2 and high guard megatraveller, different vehicle and spaceship design system to ct. Dedicated to naval characters, whether actively serving on a frontline warship or semiretired on a rusting tramp freighter, high guard expands the possibilites of. Traveller deck plans traveller rpg, deck plans, starship. Bases not all naval bases are created for the same reason, excluding naval depots there are several broad types. I have decided to do them in classic traveller both high guard and lbb, gurps and mongoose traveller. The company acquired marathon travel shops in 1987. The freelance traveller shipyard is where you can find descriptions and specifications and eventually deck plans and interior pictures, we hope for starships and spaceships for all sorts of missions. It contains additions, corrections, and changes to the starship design and combat rules. This category also features designs used in the sst game, but first designed with earlier systems. James chrisman gurps morrow project star trek rpg ship map space opera sci fi rpg star wars spaceships starship. Deckplans basically a list of links leading to well traveller deckplans. High guardin 1979, and its revision of 1980 the revision is generally referred to unofficially as high guard 2, larger ships, with a slightlymorecomplex design system primarily geared towards warships for ships of up to a million tons, were introduced. Traveller hero book 1 adventurers in charted space ravellert as a science fiction genre has many sub genres that gms may wish to select from, based on the timeframe of the campaign, the version of traveller that is being played, as well as the gms vision.

High guard traveller scifi roleplaying hanrahan, gareth on. High guard book 5, softback rulebook for classic traveller revised edition at last, extensive rules for the personnel and starships of the interstellar navies of the universe. Supplement 9 fighting ships modelled many classic traveller designs. One ton of displacement equals the volume of one tonne mass of liquid hydrogen about 14 cubic metres iirc. Decorations medal ribbons awarded to imperial navy personnel. The traveller srd website is now more or less complete, i just need to go back through and fix some minor formating issues and such. High guard, 1st edition paperback january 1, 1979 5. Introduction what follows is an overview of the high guard fleet as it exists today. Penned by several authors, the series takes place during the horus heresy, a fictional galaxyspanning civil war occurring 10,000 years prior to the far future of warhammer 40,000. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. In its 52 pages, it outlines character and skill generation for space naval personnel, and details on how to construct large starships of up to a million tons. The featured ship was originally designed using squadron strike.

This app assumes you already have the relevant traveller rules from far future. Traveller and the traveller logo are trademarks owned by far future enterprises, inc. Admirals a list of admirals in the imperial navy who were involved in the fifth frontier war. The yard was located at the foot of yosemite street, in downtown stockton. It had always been a sore point of mine that the fan base was perfectly willing to buyt that in a galaxy wide empire there were inevitably only one real design of a craft, and i went to some effort to produce variations by region and shipyards. With the long coastline and extensive sovereign waters, the vietnam marine police force cannot maintain regular presence in all waters, especially at high sea. Classic traveller stats from high guard shipyards usp aha7212200000 mcr 402. Starships 1977 edition and found petrochemicals 6d 5 tons. Subcraft smallcraft, bigcraft, ships vehicles, etc. Book 5 high guard usp forms pdf citizens of the imperium.

See more ideas about rpg, space crafts and sci fi ships. The book states that traveller assumes that there is a distant central government, the imperium, that due to travel times and the vast area it controls, has little influence on the frontiers. The mercenary srd is now formated and split up into sections the same as the high guard and traveller srds. The ship has fuel scoops installed for skimming gas. Fleet isnt high guard at least not the lbb high guard. In addition, the following traveller booklets and supplements may prove useful, although they are not required. Use of the trademark on this page is not intended to infringe upon or devalue the trademark. Ct book 5 high guard usp forms pdf heres a set of classic traveller high guard usp ship data cards as a pdf file along the lines of the book 5 usp example with 4 mounted on one a4 sheet. Book 5 high guard book was a classic traveller toolset. High guard book 5, softback rulebook for classic traveller. The latter i have not tried yet as a ruleset but will give it a crack. Aslan is a supplement for high guard, bringing the mighty ships of the aslan to your.

Stuffonline traveller trisen turbomachinery controls. All weapons, sensors, small craft, launch tubes, hangars, computers, screens, command sections and any other component that has a role in ship to ship combat must be put in at least one slot. From the heart of the imperium to the spinward fringe states, gilgamesh shipyard starships are plying the space lanes, bearers of. The maghiz effect, a mass effecttraveller crossover. The star class armored merchant is a fairly uncommon merchant ship found throughout charted space using a 300ton flattened cone hull to provide better stabilization during atmospheric flight, the star class armored merchant is capable of jump3 and 1g maneuver. Then, in 1991, the travel guard was acquired by frenchbased gmf, but noel reacquired the company in 1993. A copy of this licence can be obtained from mongoose publishing.

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