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Spool switching is by on off solenoids with a central tube and removable coil. Before carrying out any service work, ensure that the valve and manifold have been vented. High performance pneumatic valves viking xtreme series. Digital controller for proportional solenoid valves. Directional valves with rotary knob are generally provided with a detent. Our knowledge and expertise is invaluable in assisting your company with old and new series.

Because we are involved in all industries, we have developed pneumatic directional control valves to handle almost any application. Bosch rexroth pneumatic devices are designed and tested for use with filtered, clean, dry, chemical free air at pressures and temperatures within the specified limits of the device. From various valve types, such as poppet or spool valves, to. Not with the ceram valve theres no gap between the plates for dirt and oil to accumulate. A specialist partner in industrial and factory automation applications, tectra automation is a singlesource supplier of pneumatic, electric drive and control, linear and assembly technology. Load holdingmotion control valves, pact directional valves, compact power modules. Directional spool valves, direct operated, dimensions 18. A valve of this type connected to a singleacting, weight or springreturned cylinder could extend, retract, or stop at any place in the stroke. Pneumatic accessories one way ajustable restrictor valve silencer nonreturn valve adjustable pressure switch 2 3 1 p ajustable restrictor valve bidirectional quick exhaust valve. Bosch rexroth pneumatic directional control valves all the. Aventics are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of pneumatic equipment. Msew directional poppet valve with solenoid actuation air gap. Intelligent hydraulics in new dimensions ra09879 pdf click here to see all of bosch rexroth s branded products.

Pneumatic directional valves hydraulic controls, inc. Aventics rexroth pneumatics is a leader in fluid power. Sc800 0212 pneumatic pressure control valves bosch rexroth corp. In a pneumatic system, energy is stored in a potential state under the form of compressed air. Many other pneumatic directional control valves are availablesee the selection on our directional. Pneumatic marine valve rugged and reliable, the 2a2a remains a favorite rexroth brought back the 2a2a controlair due to the valves undying popularity. For valves not in this catalog, pdf downloads are available. P0266415 p0266415 rexroth pneumatic 115psi 24vdc 8mm npt solenoid valve used tested note.

Bosch rexroth pneumatic directional control valves. Direct solenoid operated spool valve, standard version. Electrohydraulic type weh hydraulic type wh for subplate mounting porting pattern to iso 4401 and nfpa t3. A manifold with at least one cartridge valve may be considered to be a valve package. With over 100 years experience any many customers in various sectors such as the food, packaging, handling, chemical, petrochemical, energy, wood, paper, and automobile industries trust all aventics. Pneumatic directional valve catalog from rexroth bosch. Normal air valves can stick or jam and cause startup problems because of their inability to handle accumulations of dir, dust, oil or water in air lines. Quick release valves the quick release valve speeds the exhausting of air cylinders, clutches. Explosion proof and intrinsically safe solenoid valves. Pneumatics 5 h controlair valves h1 controlair valve light pedal force this economical version of the h1 operates identically to the standard h1, but has considerably lighter pedal. Pneumatic directional control valves industrial type. Rexroth training systems bosch rexroth training systems are based on standard components from the various bosch rexroth product areas.

The plates are finished so precise that they act like sliding magnets or jo blocks. A pilot assisted counterbalance valves with coaxial annular check valve and with pilot piston integral with relief plunger. Bosch rexroth pneumatic directional control valves all. Often, the manifold would have to be custom designed for a specific application or function. A directional control valves pneumatic operated poppet 2way normally open. Project book for bosch rexroth pneumatic products page no 6 of 39 file name.

Ets has over 25 years of sales and service experience with the bosch rexroth group in the u. Pneumatic division europe pde2569tcuk directional control valves important. Bosch rexroth directional control valves d03 ng6 3 this order code describes the desired model variances of the do3 ng 6 directional control valves. The flowtronic d features software with many features including control loop customisation so the valve can be tuned to the application.

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