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The daily reports from the 322nd bomb squadron is part of that vast store of administrative detail. A more complete reference is the book combat squadrons of the air force world war ii edited by maurer maurer, but it can be misleading in that it often uses postwar designs for the illustration of the. Kia 12311943 with the 331st squadron over congac, france. This is for the item stated in the title and pictured. Lockheed chlm hercules 810631 of the 700th airlift squadron prepares for approach and landing at dobbins. Air force 11th bombardment group, heavy usaf veteran locator. The 94th operations group 94 og is the flying component of the 94th airlift wing, assigned to the united states air force reserve. Transcribed by nancy perri 11204 1945 dailies of the 323rd squadron. It was activated at macdill field, florida in april 1943. I had a large group given to me yesterday from the family of a b29 pilot. The 94th bomb group flew 324 missions in 8,884 sorties from may 1943 to 21 april 1945 and dropped 18,924 tons of. Originally issued to the 332nd bs94th bg at earls colne. The type a2 leather flight jacket is an american clothing and design classic.

Mixed in with the other items were these decals and decal on leather patch. The 331st bombardment group vh was activated at dalhart, texas, on 7, july 1944 and for mobilization and specialized training purposes attached to the second air force. Additional costs may incur for euro, south america and african countries. Ww2 21st bombardment squadron bomber patch distressed gear slim fit t shirt. Miss traveler b24j165co liberator sn 4440530 98th bomb squadron, 11th bomb group, 7th air force. Individual planes, b17s and b24s, joined into elements, flights, squadrons. Originally issued to the 332nd bs94th bg at earls colne on 5th june 1943 the group moved to bury st edmunds eight days later, where it was christened idiots delight, this bomber was transferred to the 710th bs447th bg at rattlesden in april 1944. Bill is an expert in locating records of downed flyers from fighter groups, fighter squadrons, bomb groups, bomb squadrons, reconnaissance units, combat cargo.

After training in the united states, it transferred to the european theater of operations, where it was a component of ix bomber command. Ww ii era 332nd bomb squadron 4 34 inch canvas patch. Saul mink minkoff, radio operator and waist gunner. The hat in the ring was the squadron insignia of the famous wwi 94th aero. Aircraft and men of this bomb squadron participated in most of the 95th bgs 334 missions. Air force bomb squadron patches flying tigers surplus.

One of four squadrons in the 100th bomb group, the 349th bomb squadron. The 597th bombardment squadron is an inactive united states air force unit. Emblem of the world war ii bombardment squadron my dad was part of the 94th bomb group, 331st squadron in the 8th usaaf, stationed in bury st. It saw combat in the mediterranean theater of operations, participating in the low level attack on oil.

Lost by flakaafire 14 october 1943 94th bomb group. The squadron served in combat from april 1944 until the end of world war ii, earning a distinguished unit citation for an. Their role was to lead the night strikes into germany, and mark the target area with flares 824th bomb squadron, 484th bomb group, 15th aaf canvas embroidered 827th bomb. Measuring approximately 5 12 inches 14cm in diameter, each design has been specially selected from the hundreds that existed, to offer famous units with the most glowing credentials, and attractive emblems. Transcribed by nancy perri 122704 squadron commanding officers 323rd. B17 losses on schweinfurtmission on october 14th 1943. Click image to zoom 349th bomb squadron 100th bomb group beautifully embroidered 5 inch diameter patch. He was awarded two distinguished flying cross awards. While the a2 is most closely associated with world war ii, its active life began with standardization in 1931. During ww2 the 351st bomb squadron was one of four in the 100th bomb group. Air force 94th bombardment group, heavy usaf veteran locator.

Personnel of the 322nd bomb group ride a bomb trolley past b26 maraduers. Ww2 army air corps air force unit records research ww2. During world war ii, its predecessor unit, the 94th bombardment group. Usaaf squadron patches these squadron patches are beautifully hand embroidered, just like the original theatre made examples from wwii. The 2nd bomb group h was equipped with b17 aircraft, flew missions in north africa. Original wwii army air forces squadron patches lost worlds. Unavailable per item emblem of the world war ii 711th bombardment squadron. Edmunds air field in england from may 1943 to july 1945. Military patches home 1st5th 6th10th 11th20th 21st30th 31st40th 41st50th 51st60th. Constituted 82d bombardment squadron light on 20 nov 1940. First entered service may 1939 with the civilian technical corps. It is stationed at dyess air force base, texas, where it is an associate unit of the 7th bomb wing the squadron was first activated during world war ii as the 345th bombardment squadron. My dad was part of the bomb group, squadron in the usaaf, stationed in bury st. B17 flying fortresses, which were assigned to the 94th bomb group.

Redesignated 82d bombardment squadron medium on 30 dec. Lost by enemy aircraft 14 october 1943 94th bomb group. The 95th bombardment group consisted of the 334th, 335th, 336th and 412th bombardment squadrons. You get the item pictured, we do not use stock photos or other sellers images. Air force bomb squadron patches air force squadron patches flying tigers surplus page 2. Click image to zoom 351st bomb squadron 100th bomb group beautifully embroidered 5 inch diameter patch. The 1944 special issue of the national geographic magazine includes several pages of squadron insignia and is a good, but incomplete reference. They flew combat missions with the eighth air force, from raf thorpe abbotts in norfolk, england. Group activated 15 june 1942 at macdill field, florida. The type a2 jacket appreciation society public group. Unfortunately, they had been stored in an attic for many years, there is storage dirt and the decals have stuck themselves together. This 9th bomb squadron b1b strategic air command patch is a afgsc b1b squadron, assigned to the 7th og. Military lieutenant colonel pilot, 322nd bomb group, commander, 450th bomb squadron 322nd bomb group john lloyd retired from the air force, having served in world war ii as commanding officer of the 450th bomb group and as a commander of the 95th bomb squadron during the korean war. History books aircraft time line commanders main bases component units assigned to history.

The 334th bomb squadron was one of the four bomb squadrons of the 95th bomb group. Feb 1, 2017 aircraft and airmen of 8th af 94th bomb group. Thar she blows b24l5co liberator sn 4441468 42nd bomb squadron, 11th bomb group, 7th air force. B17 losses on schweinfurtregensburgraid on august 17th. Allotted to the us air force reserve and established first as a light bomber group in 1949, and later as a carrier organization flying c119.

The insignia of the 332nd bomb squadron, 94th bomb group. Lost by enemy aircraft 14 october 1943 92nd bomb group. Wwii aac aaf squadron insignia patch page 2 units above 200. Equipped with the b17 flying fortress heavy bomber, the 351st regularly attacked naval facilities, industrial areas and airfields, deep inside germany. The 345th bomb squadron is a united states air force reserve squadron, assigned to the 489th bomb group.

The group is stationed at dobbins air reserve base, georgia. The 332nd bs flew b17 flying fortress aircraft with the 94th bomb group of the 8th aaf third air division from bury st. May 19, 2018 wwiiww2 us air force patch332nd bomb squadron 94th bomb groupleather original. Ww ii era 332nd bomb squadron 4 34 inch rko studio canvas patch. Photo taken on guam,marianas islands on may 4,1945. This spit fire patch was the insignia of the ww2 332nd fighter group the elite. Wwii aac aaf squadron insignia patch page units below 200. B, salinas, california 1942 27th bomb group, 27th fighter bomber group, 27th fighter group 27th troop carrier squadron duplicate vintage patch available for sale or trade click here 28th composite group canvas embroidered 29th bomb squadron 40th bomb group 6th. The 94th bombardment group was a b17 unit that took part in the us strategic campaign over germany from 1943 to the end of the war in europe as well as directly supporting the dday landings and the land campaign in europe. Idiots delight b17f95bo flying fortress sn 4230301 332nd bs, 94th bg, 8th af on loan to the 710th bs, 447th bg, 8th af after april 1944 she was damaged by flak on the june 19,1944 mission to st.

Aac 333rd bomb squadron 94th bomb group wwii wo txt classic tshirt. Vtg military patch 94th infantry division emblem od green border variant. Two patches, but please dont copy my wwii aaf aac squadron patch images without my permission. The 322nd bombardment group was a medium bomber group that had a disastrous introduction to combat in the spring of 1943, losing ten out of eleven aircraft on its second raid, but that went on to develop effective medium level medium bomber tactics and supported the allied armies after the d.

Wwii original 94th infantry division 1st design green back patch france germany. Initial organization and training at pendleton field, oregon on 29. They are the actual daytoday records of the squadrons missions and movements from the inception of the group through the end of the war. April 21, 1943 he was transferred to the 94th bomb group as executive officer. B17 bomber flying fortress the queen of the skies home database 332nd. Later flew missions from amendola air base, near foggia italy. For veterans, they can augment memories with hard facts.

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